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    1. Enigma SH (Short Handle)
      Enigma SH (Short Handle)
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    2. Nexus SH (Short Handle)
      Nexus SH (Short Handle)
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    3. Axon SH (Short Handle)
      Axon SH (Short Handle)
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    • Interview with Faf Du Plessis

      An exclusive interview with Faf du Plessis, brand ambassador of IXU sport, about his journey with the brand and the development of our gear.

    • Timing and contact point drills

      One of the most important aspects of playing a cricket shot is timing and where to hit the ball. Rob Walter explains as Faf du Plessis demonstrates.

    • Weight transfer drill

      Rob Walter leading us through improving your contact point and how to transfer your weight in a cricket shot, as Faf du Plessis demonstrates.