Training Videos

  • Interview with Faf Du Plessis

    An exclusive interview with Faf du Plessis, brand ambassador of IXU sport, about his journey with the brand and the development of our gear.

  • Timing and contact point drills

    One of the most important aspects of playing a cricket shot is timing and where to hit the ball. Rob Walter explains as Faf du Plessis demonstrates.

  • Weight transfer drill

    Rob Walter leading us through improving your contact point and how to transfer your weight in a cricket shot, as Faf du Plessis demonstrates.

  • Key technical considerations for batting

    See as Rob Walter and Faf du Plessis discuss key technical considerations for batting and how important stillness is in your technique and striking the ball as late as possible.

  • How and when to play a lap shot

    Faf du plessis and professional cricket coachRob Walter talk about how and when will be the best time to make a lap shot.

  • Difference between a pull and a hook

    Rob Walter found out from Faf du Plessis what the difference between a pull and hook shot is and when is the best time to use these shots.

  • Bowlers wrist position

    Want to blow faster? Trainer Rob Walter explains, the importance of the correct wrist position and the benefits of using a bi colour ball and how to improve your technique.

  • Interview with young players

    Hear what the players have to say about the IXU gear and what their favourite equipment is.

  • Final Bowling Progression

    Final Bowling Progression

  • Wrist drill progression

    Wrist drill progression

  • The use of drills and the importance of routine

    The use of drills and the importance of routine

  • The sweep shot

    Sweeps and reverse sweeps are an essential part to a cricketer’s shot selection.